Cash Flow Planning

  • Do you feel like you make a good income and should get more out of it?
  • Are your personal finances all product, and no plan?
  • Would you like to find a way to fund your dreams and get more life from the money you have?


A Cash Flow Plan is a written document, including specific advice on personal spending, AND a practical method to manage your finances, based on a standardized process.

A Cash Flow Plan can:

  • Find you the money to fund your dreams!
  • Show you how to save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in inefficient interest costs.
  • Help you stop money leaks on stuff that doesn’t matter, so you have money for the stuff that does!
  • Show you what TO DO, instead of WHAT TO BUY!

Canadians’ rate of savings are rapidly diminishing:

  • In 1982 we saved 20%
  • 1989 we saved just over 10%
  • 2000’s we save hardly anything at all!
  • Average Canadian debt rose 6 times faster than income from 1990 to 2008

According to the Vanier Institute, “Canadian households have clearly entered the ‘danger zone’ and might be subject to more financial difficulties than most analysts suggest.”

A Cash Flow Plan Gives You:

  • A written report that is easy-to-understand and use on a regular basis
  • Direction on Exactly how to alter your debts and cash flow patterns to achieve your dreams
  • A review process including a refreshed written plan