Renting Cars with No Credit Card

This is probably the stickiest bugbear to life without credit cards: renting a car when you’re away from home.

I travel to Vancouver frequently for my work, and in the winter I prefer to fly as the high mountain passes between home and Vancouver can be very dicey and unpredictable for 5-6 months of the year. But, while trying to live without credit cards, renting a car has been a pain.

Recently several alternatives have emerged that can work fine, so I thought I’d share.

Car Sharing

Car Sharing is a relatively recent phenomenon, but can work even when you’re on the road. Several Car Sharing services have vehicles at the Vancouver Airport Park ‘n’ Fly. Interesting survey of Car Sharing ins and outs at

Car Rentals Without a Credit Card

And there are a number of Car Rental companies in Vancouver that don’t need a credit card–they’ll take other forms. AND, for the younger folks, some will rent to you if you’re under 25. Here are a couple I’ve found:


Happy credit-card-free travels!


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