Financial Peace Podcast: The 10 Steps to Financial Peace

10 Steps to Financial Peace

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Did you know that if you’re watching this you’re probably one of the richest people on the planet? It’s true! If you make more than $34,000 per year you are in the one percent of the income earners in the world. So why doesn’t it feel that way?

People ask me all the time, “What do I mean by ‘Financial Peace’?”, and “how can I find it if I’m currently in a big mess? Won’t it take a long time?”

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Financial Peace is a way of thinking, being and of doing with our money, where we know that we’re taking care of our needs and our bases are covered today and for the future. It is based on financial principles, around what you personally value. Where we work well, take care of ourselves and our family, and store up wisely for the future. And also where we know with confidence what to do next with our money. Most people today live either with great uncertainty about their finances, because they’re not paying much attention and don’t know how to do it well. Or they live with anxiety because they are paying attention, but don’t have their finances in order.

Ok, well That’s All Nice, But How Can I Develop Financial Peace?

The starting point is to Transform your thinking about your finances through learning. Then build a plan, and put it into action. You have to understand how money works, be clear on your financial goals, have a plan to achieve your goals, and a system to manage and monitor it all. It sounds like a lot but once you’ve completed the transformation, you’ll have a completely different, and much better way of operating, and it will become second nature to you. This is where the peace of mind comes in. So once you’ve committed to yourself to making a plan, and the necessary changes to execute your new plan, you can have the peace of mind that comes from having things under control.

What Does Financial Peace Look Like?

For most people, it’s not about how much money you have or make. In fact, many who have plenty do not have financial peace. Most people live at the edge of their finances, whether they make 25,000 or 25,000,000 per year. You hear often of celebrities who have made many millions of dollars ending up bankrupt. They have lived at the edge of their finances, rather than living well while living within their means. It comes from being on track to achieve your goals and dreams. From living happily within your means, not sliding into debt to make yourself feel good. From getting ahead rather than falling behind.

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