Education Should Benefit, Not Bankrupt You

Don’t Miss Out On Free Money!

Research shows that the right kind of education can significantly improve our financial future. But the current approach of taking on a lot of debt is undermining that.

The right kind of RESP can be an excellent way to save for future education, and the government will kick in quite a bit along the way. In some cases, you only have to open an RESP to get a government contribution, you don’t even have to contribute yourself at first.

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Planning With Love–Don’t Mess With the Hair Budget! 

An interesting read from Reuters: Money

Here’s a little marital tip: When financial experts say couples should compromise on absolutely everything, there are times when you just need to split hairs.

For instance, just try to tell your spouse how much he or she should spend on getting their hair done.

Guaranteed nuclear war.

Indeed, financial arguments are by far the No. 1 one predictor of divorce, according to research by Sonya Britt, a professor at Kansas State University.

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Have You Protected YOUR Family?

Is your family ready for the ultimate financial emergency? What would happen if your spouse suddenly died? Unfortunately, this tragic story of a young Canadian wife and mother is all too common.

It’s not the cost that keeps people from protecting their family–a 30-year old woman can get $250,000 of life insurance for as little as $10 per month.

For most people, they just don’t know what the right amount of coverage is, and how much it costs. Given how inexpensive Term Insurance has become, most are usually surprised that they can easily afford what they need. In some cases, people may even be paying for too much coverage, as their needs have decreased over time.

We’ve put together 2 easy to use tools that will show you how much coverage you should have, and how much you should be paying, including cost comparisons from most of Canada’s major insurers.

Life Insurance coverage tools.